The Journal of Visual Arts Research CALL FOR PAPERS

The Journal of Visual Arts Research in conjunction with guest editors:

jan jagodzinski [University of Alberta],

Jason Wallin [University of Alberta], &

Laura Hetrick [University of Illinois at U-C],

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Deleuze & Guattari Special Edition

Fall 2013

This special issue will seek to do two things. First, it will attempt to recommence artistic thought and practice in fidelity with the complex formulations and conceptual tools mobilized by Deleuze and Guattari. Second, it will intervene with the field of contemporary art education in order to produce new trajectories for thinking both its contemporary deadlocks and future potentials. In this vein, potential contributors might consider the following questions:

What conceptual tools become necessary for thinking art in a manner delinked from representation?


How might art and its education be thought as a ‘minoritarian practice’ as theorized by Deleuzeguattari?


How might a connection between art and politics be forged for art educators so that it is not caught by a ‘politics’ informed by representation, which is currently the case?


How might the historical art cannon be rethought along ‘bastard’ or ‘untimely’ trajectories of the kind mobilized by Deleuzeguattari?


How can the digitalization of the image (the framelss image) be thought within a Deleuzeguattarian trajectory in terms of its ability to generate new sensations?


What are the implications of a neuronal image within posthuman technologies in lieu of machinic thought of Deleuzeguattari?


How might the idea of the ‘tool’ be stolen back from notions of utility in support of an alternative ontological image of bio-technogenesis.


What is the impact of ‘archival memory’ when in comes to posthuman technologies of the image and the ‘staging’ of events within institutions of art (including school art spaces).


How can psychic health be furthered through the production of new perceptions and sensations that increase our powers to affect and be affected?


What is the role of art and its education in relation to the dispersed mechanisms of power in the ‘societies of control’?


We invite papers that can further instigate productive connections within and beyond art education. Submissions should be between 4500 and 6500 words including references in APA format. Images should be submitted at 300 DPI, approximately 4 inches by 5 inches in dimensions (or whatever dimensions are close), and TIFF or JPEG format. Please consult the VAR website for additional submission guidelines (


**Please send all completed drafts as MS word document attachments no later than June 15, 2012 to all three editors. Inclusion in this special edition will be very selective, though we encourage all to send material. You will be informed of your acceptance/non-acceptance via email in August 2012. Please email any and all questions regarding your submissions to jan Jason and/or Laura


For more information, please download the related document from:

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