InAEA 2010 September Meeting Minutes



SageStage Minotaur, Marylou Goldrosen, Liliann Ling, and Kristy Handrick


  1. Meeting time. Because some of our members from Australia would like to participate in our meeting, after our survey and discussions, we decided to change the meeting time to Wed. 6:00 am SL time (6AM PST, 7AM MST, 8 AM CST, 9 AM EST). Hope it is a better time for most members.  
  2. InAEA Member page is still under construction. (We are physically moving within August, was not able to find stable internet to work on what we should do, we will try to finish everything in this month!)

DISCUSSION: Teaching in the online environment

(Re)Searching For Answers Part 2: Future Research Ideas

SageStage “I think that the future of education lies in technology. A pretty heavy sentiment, but it seems reasonable to suppose that any medium that combines (relatively) cheap multimedia communication with global access is particularly suited to the dispersion of knowledge. The trick is to make technology work for us, and not mold our learners to work for technology.

There are two experiences in particular that have shaped my interest in this topic. Living with a non-sighted father has given me insight into the needs and demands of those who do not experience the world (and technology) as I do. I have learned how the current online environment marginalizes people that have difficulty using a computer mouse.”


From SageStage’s Studen Laura:

    • How can we create an accessible (in terms of cost and ADA standards) online learning environment that engages and empowers learners?
    • The major disconnect I see in current online learning stems from two facts I’ve noticed:
    • 1. I have yet to encounter a student who has taken an online class that they have enjoyed.
    • 2. I know many people who spend most of their lives connected to a rich internet-based community.

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This is Bryn Oh ‘s island graciously donated by Dusan Writer. Immersiva has a narrative you can find if you are both clever and patient. There is a shop above the sim which you can access at the telehub where you arrive.

The critical question for this virtual field trip is: What does surrealism mean in virtual worlds?

Next meeting time: October 6, 6 AM SL time= 6AM PST, 7AM MST, 8 AM CST, 9 AM EST. You are very welcome to join us!

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