Videos related with Second Life and the Linden Lab—before, now, and future

Philip Rosedale is the founder of the Linden Lab. He is also the founder and CEO of Second Life. The first video here is made at year 2006, at that time, SL had no voice chat, only one skin. That was a different world from the Second Life today for me.

Andy Grove and Philip Rosedale exchange Second Life Question




Historical Movie – LindenWorld August 2001

When I first found this video I was amazed. This LindenWorld video content is little bit different from the history of Second Life I found before. It is really interesting. Take a look!


Philip Rosedale of Second Life

This video is more about SL today and future. Actually there are more possibilities of Second Life in the future, but Philip Rosedale didn’t mention in this video.


Second Life is working with other companies today, such as the Microsoft. In the “Reaction Grid everyone can buy their own land as in SL, but also can have the full control of the land. No age and last name limitation. I think this might be another ideal place for EDUCATION purpose. Take a look at the Reaction Grid!

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