InAEA 2007 October Meeting Minutes

Meeting time: October 1, 2007.
Member present: Diahne Lane, Ryano Fitzpatrick, Gamilon DeCuir, Ayla Tomorrow, Isabell Rieko, and Kristy Handrick
I. IAEA conference registration deadline is coming soon! October 5!
II. IAEA conference is on October 26 and 27, in Chicago! (
III. NAEA conference is on March 26-30, Hilton New Orleans Hotel. Convention registration opens early November 2007. (
IV. InSEA conference 2008 Japan Osaka, congress theme: Mind + Media + Heritage. Registration will begin in October, 2007. Call for Papers will begin in January, 2008. (
V. Texas Art Education conference is in November in Galveston
VI. If you have any other information about art education and want to share with us, please let me know, or come to the meeting share with us!
Discussion: Do you think we can teach art practice in SL?
The question should be: should we teach art practice in SL? Art practice would be difficult maybe art practice theory, such as talking about art education theory and philosophy. However, Black Board might be a better place for discussion. Some members have had some very negative experiences in SL and dont think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, therefore, maybe teach art practice would be more safe in a university controlled environment, it would have to be an area set aside for education. Sculpture would be interesting to teach in SL. Some member mentions other 3d programs that are a lot easier and more intuitive. The future will be more and more digital and virtual – this could be a whole other type of art education. We may have to redefine art making for the virtual world, redefine art, or redefine art education. Right now art education is in a narrow box… Redefining art taught in high schools when it comes to digital – virtual could be the wave of the future beyond just digital. Digital art is not as valued as traditional art, but has more communication power in the 21st century. How to communicate change in a world that really needs it. It brings meaning to the viewer and the maker. Digital is also what the students are into! Art education should be much more than just teaching people how to be art teachers. Second Life could possibly be a way to break out of the traditional time and space of the classroom/school model. The 3d virtual world is a novelty that the previous generation did not have and is/will be attractive to students. Some members believe we can improve learning once we figure out why we should improve learning in the first place. Second life might be a good place to figure all of this out. We could create a social constructivist learning environment. It could give a whole new definition to art community
Field trip: Dresden Gallery. Next meeting time: November 5, 2007. 6:00 pm PDT (SL time)

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