Inaea Second Life Group Meetings Minutes

InAEA First meeting minutes

Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 6:13:45 AM | Kristy

Member present: Ali Andrews, Austin Sands, Brooke Hyacinth, Cate Ceawlin, Kristy Handrick, Rain Winkler
Topic 1: Self introduction. Kristy, the founder of InAEA, I am a doctoral student in Northern Illinois University, major in Art Education.
Ali Andrews is the great builder of Glidding campus. Glidding campus belongs to NIU long distance learning department. I also work with faculty at NIU who want to use SL for their classes. Assistant director of eLearning at NIU. I have been here almost 2 years
Brooke Hyacinth: I teach at VCU. Virginia Commonwealth University
I am Rain OSU and Brooke's BF. I am trying to learn how to actually do the basics but I am interested in trying to discuss what I am experiencing
I am Austin Sands, I am not willing to reveal my identity generally. I am doing research on the legal impacts in RL of SL actions. I am a patent lawyer in RL. And computer lawyer
Cate Ceawlin: I am interested in semiotics, and think your topics may be related to my own research interests 🙂
Topic 2: Ali suggested that we can have a SL Art education resources library
Topic 3: What can this group do? This group is for art education. Hope every member can give Kristy some topics and suggestion that we can discuses in the future.
Topic 4: A web site for this group. Austin Sands:why not have a wiki?
Topic 5. Law and SL: Is not very related topic. If you are interested, please contact with Kristy, I will send you the whole discuession.
Topic 6. Conference room: Ali Andrews: we should set up a conference room in Altgeld until you have a more premanent space for your group with pose balls so you don't have to work so hard to sit properly
Topic 7. Field trip

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