Art Education and Digital Technologies: Virtual World Conference Video and Presentation Materials



Conference video archive  (Post-conference asynchronize discussion.)


Conference opening


Opening keynote, Jay Jay, The Birth of MachinimUWA & the Largest 3D Art Challenge in Second Life:

Lecture, Rebecca Kan, iPadagogies: Managing Change and Making Transformations:

Lecture, Sherry Mayo, Utilizing iapps as Constructive Creative Tools to Generate Collaborative Expression:

Lecture, Mary Stokrocki, Exploring the OpenSim Virtual World with Middle School Students: Creating/Constructing Sonoran Desert Visual Literacy Forms:

Lecture, Nasim Peikazadi & Mehrnoosh Ghazanfari, Digital technology in the Art classroom; a multimedia approach through learning history and theory of Art   :

Lecture, Linda Krecker, A new place for unique art: Burn2:

Lecture, Sandrine Han, The possibility of applying virtual world to K-12 art education:

Machinima 1, Karen Keifer-Boyd, Wanda Knight, Aaron Knochel, Christine Liao, Mary Elizabeth Meier, Ryan Patton, Ryan Shin, and Robert Sweeny, Moving Mountain:

Machinima 2, Gloria Wyatt & Adetty Perez de Miles, Release: Cyber/Cyborg Art Project,

Machinima 3, June Julian & Julian G. Crooks, The Whirlwind & The Lichen: A Virtual Exhibition in Second Life:

Lecture, Ewon Moon, Spoken images through a video work:

Lecture. Ge Shi, Visual literacy and technology:  Improving critical thinking in the Education of Media Technology:

Lecture, Ryan Patton, Level Up: Digital Game Design for the Art Classroom: 

Panel Discussion, Ryan Patton, Ryan Shin & Robert Sweeny, Unlikely hero or villain: Playing and designing digital games in the art classroom:

Workshop, Krisha Moeller, Using Freeartists.NET to Create Web 2.0­Driven Art Course Websites and Student Portfolios:

Closing keynote: Debra S. Pylypiw & Rebecca Stone-Danahy, How The Digital Revolution is Changing the Face of Arts Education:

Poster, Beth Burkhauser, Interdependence Hexagon Project,


Poster, Татьяна Олейник, Project on Teachers’ Design Training for Digital Citizenship,


Poster, Wu Ya Hsien, Virtual Taiwanese Opera Museum in Second Life,


Conference Second Life chat log

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