Art Education and Digital Technologies: Virtual World Conference

The proposal submission deadline is extended to August 15th!


Date/ Time: October 18, 2014 (Saturday)/8:00 am PDT to 4:00 pm PDT

Virtual Venue: Second Life

Physical Venue: UBC Lillooet Room at Irving K. Barber 

Online Venue: Google Hangout on Air:

Conference fee: Free



· The goal of this art education virtual conference is to connect art educators through technologies and to exchange ideas on using digital technologies in art education.

· Art educators will explore the possibilities and benefits of using virtual world technology to deliver and participate in presentations.


Theme: Art Education and Digital Technologies

Today, digital technology is creating a new dimension for art education. Questions to be discussed during this conference are many:

  1. How do art educators use these technologies in their classroom?
  2. How do art educators connect with each other through these technologies?
  3. What challenges are art educators facing with the new technologies?
  4. How does technology change the fields of art education and visual culture?

Description of the conference:

The conference will be held in the virtual world of Second Life.


The virtual conference will also be streamed on the internet via Google Hangout on Air.

The format of the virtual conference includes

  • Presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • 3D Posters
  • Exhibitions
  • (See Formats below for more information)

The physical venue will screen Second Life presentations; presenters who are at these venues will also be assisted in presenting in both physical venues and Second Life.

  • If you could host a physical venue for this conference, please contact the InAEA, and we will provide more detail to assist you.

Keynote speaker:

· Opening keynote: Virtual world expert (To be announced)

· Closing keynote: App expert (To be announced)



Call for proposals:

· Suggested Themes:

  • Research: Research papers based on art education and digital technology
  • Best Practices: Best practice experiences using digital technology in art education.
  • K-12: Introduction of technologies for K-12 art education.
  • Virtual world: Vision or anticipation of using virtual world technology for art education.
  • Technology: Critical reflection of using technology in art education
  • Visual culture: Discussion on how new technology influences the field of visual culture.
  • Mobile technology: Introduction of technologies, specifically on cell phone and tablets, suitable for art education.

· Formats:

o Panel Discussions:

  • Virtual world panel: 50 minutes (30 minute panel presentation with 20 minute discussion.)
  • Video lecture: 30 minute panel presentation that will be recorded and sent to the conference organizer prior to the conference. The video recorded panel discussion will be shown at the conference.

o Lectures:

  • Virtual world lecture: 40 minutes (20 minute presentation with 20 minutes in world/Google hangout discussion.)

o Workshops:

  • Virtual world workshop: 50 minutes
  • Video lecture: 50 minute workshop that will be recorded and sent to the conference organizer prior to the conference. The video lecture will be shown at the conference.

o 3D Poster: Each poster presenter(s) will have a limit of 15 prims* to construct the poster.


o Exhibition: Machinima, video, and art should be submitted in an electronic format. Educators are encouraged to submit their, and their students’ technology art.


· Proposal Guideline:

  • Submit a proposal to
  • Panel discussions and roundtable discussions are strongly encouraged.
  • The presentation title should be included in the email and in the attached document.
  • The proposal should be no more than 200 words.

· Proposal deadline: August 1,2014 

The proposal submission deadline is extended to August 15th!


* In Second Life, everything is made by prims. A prim is a single-part object. Multi-part objects will have multiple “prims”.


Hosted by InAEA

Supported by AET

Sponsored by Wu Ya Hsien


Download the flyer at:

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