MIXED VISIBILITY Art Exhibition Opens April 22, 2013

Curated by Students in A ED 322: Visual Culture & Educational Technologies
Art Exhibition Opens April 22, 2013
by Penn State University and University of Helsinki students
@ Penn State Art Education in VIEW

Instructions on how to view the exhibition in a k-12 virtual world called VIEW at http://cyberhouse.arted.psu.edu/322/resources/VIEW/view.html
Or, view the artwork at http://cyberhouse.arted.psu.edu/322/projects/3c_tdvt2013.html
We invite your comments by selecting a Find Card prompt from one of the objects at the table in the virtual world or at the website, and click “comment” under each artwork to speak or write your comments.
Open to all ages, with no exhibition closing date. Try it yourself and then invite your middle and high school students. We also invite you to add your artwork to the exhibition site.

Contact: Karen Keifer-Boyd kk-b@psu.edu


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