Mus’Art Gallery, Cameroon launches new interactive website

The Mus’Art Gallery, also known as the Grass-fields Arts Museum in Cameroon has launched its new interactive website. To visit the site go to You can also join the museum’s online community


Art workshop to help sustain art museum
After sixteen years of existence our museum is barely struggling to survive. We receive no funding nor government subvention and visitor numbers are to low. Our museum however remains committed to our mission.


“Mus’Art Gallery is focused on the preservation, education and promotion of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Grass-fields of Cameroon. The arts can effectively be used to fight poverty; contribute to the creative sector; boost tourism and build on artistic wealth for the artists and for our nation. Our museum thus recognizes the arts as fundamental to job creation; income generation; for talented and unemployed youths as a sure path towards sustainability and growth from a non-formal setting. Traditional arts experiencing a decline must be revamped to ensure continuity and identity of our people.”

The Art workshop will assist the museum in generating needed income to run the museum. It will also help in training young people especially students during holidays in the arts. Arts has been added to the elementary (primary) school curriculum and a Ministry of Arts and Culture created by government.

We are seeking donation of art tools such as wood carving chisels, gauges, power engraving kit, power wood carving kit, power wood marking tools, artist brushes, water colors, textile pens, pens, pencils, tie dye kit, screen printing kit, letter and number stencils for sign making + any artistic tools or materials are most welcome.


Donate whatever you can afford to enable us start the Art workshop and a Gift shop. One or two items are great! Support our museum and make a real difference. Visit our website at:


Send donations to:

Mr. Peter Musa


Mus’Art Gallery,

Bamfem Quarter,


North West Region,

Cameroon – Africa.


All donors will receive a thank you letter from Mus’Art Gallery and shall be listed on our website.

With kind regards,

Peter Musa


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