InAEA 2011 October Meeting Minutes


lihsun, SageStage Minotaur, Marylou Goldrosen, and Sandrine Han


  1. InSEA European Regional Conference 2012, Lemesos, Cyprus, June 25-27, 2012 www.insea2012.0rg The deadline for the Call for Papers the 15th of December, 2011.
  2. IJETA Special Issue: Community Art– Volume 8.3 Call for Articles. Guidelines for authors (articles and visual essays) can be found at: DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 31 JANUARY 2012
  3. BAMAKO SYMPOSIUM 2012: MEDIA ARTS IN FOCUS (4th edition of the Bamako Summer School)
    DATE: July 25 to August 5, 2012 VENUE: L’Université de Bamako, Bamako, Mali. For updates on the project go to
    Date: February 10-24, 2012 Venue: Abetenim Arts Village near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana Date: October 5-19, 2012 Venue: Sang Arts Village, Sang near Tamale in Northern Region of Ghana For details on our projects go to

Just for sharing:

Sandrine Han: I am using the “sim on a stick” OpenSim for teaching this semester. It has been about 2 weeks, everything looks good. No big technical problem. (Somewhat easier to use than SL.) I will write a post about how to make it. Maybe at the end of the semester I will write another post about what the result is.

Marylou Goldrosen: I want to learn this too from you!

SageStage Minotaur: I am interested in sim on a stick” OpenSim.

Sandrine Han: Maybe you never heard about “sim on a stick” but it is almost free for students to learn how to build in SL

SageStage Minotaur: its open for all ages, which makes it possible to include in k-12. What are the drawbacks?

Sandrine Han: the only thing is it is not "online" students’ work can not show to the world and no team work. But it is great for K-12to learn 3D though

Marylou Goldrosen: Art teachers in the schools will want to learn this –because of the security

SageStage Minotaur: hmmm, these two points are what I think are the uniqueness of potentials of Net art. But of course the insular security rather than global education seems to be considered "safe"

Sandrine Han: one drive can have 4 lands… it is really big to create all students can do land art as well but, yes, about the net art… it is really a disadvantage… The sim on the stick means OS (opensim) in a jump drive. it is cheap, and easy to use. Students can take it home as well

SageStage Minotaur: of course they can take it home if they have a computer at home.which is not the case for many students. I just returned from a week in NM and clearly this would be an issue with many. Most schools have a computer lab, but few art teachers in NM use the art lab. Instead to meet National Standards in Technology they do this as add on rather than integrated–so separate from art education. I meant use the computer lab.

Marylou Goldrosen: Yes, most art teachers are teaching to state art tests–boring and narrow

SageStage Minotaur: They don’t use the computer lab–sorry I meant computer lab. There is often no art room too.

lihsun: I feel the same problems happened in my local schools as well

SageStage Minotaur: I was working with Elizabeth Garber last week and learned about Arizona too. Great disparities–widening between poor and wealthy

Marylou Goldrosen: Yes–worse is all the cuts in health care for mental health

SageStage Minotaur: art education can and has made a difference with mental health. However, it won’t be an art education that focuses on performing or identifying 3 different ways to shade.

Marylou Goldrosen: Yes– We will have more community programs in art maybe. Trouble is that little pay and no health benefits

SageStage Minotaur: and in hospitals, prisons, elder homes, veteran programs for families like Wounded Warriors. Right–the freelance or non-profits. Grant writing will be an important skill.

Marylou Goldrosen: My sister is bipolar and she is really upset all the time –causing other health problems When they are angry –people can get hurt

SageStage Minotaur: And, grants rarely include healthcare benefits. everything is connected within a body and between bodies


DISCUSSION: Art education? Design education? What are the differences? Does the name really matter?

lihsun: I think Art & Design have fundamental differences

Marylou Goldrosen: I see design education as problem solving #1

lihsun: Design is a process of problem sloving and serving for a specific

SageStage Minotaur: Just like art education and art therapy are different fields, different histories, different theories & approaches, and different licensure or credentials.

Sandrine Han: because design can help students to find a job.. yes, Karen, so, when we are teaching art education, should we include design education?

Marylou Goldrosen: There is competition with vocational ed now–technology cert has moved there

SageStage Minotaur: Design and what has been designated as "fine art" are different fields, different histories, different theories & approaches, and different licensure or credentials. media literacy too

Marylou Goldrosen: I do– I encourage it– Great exhbition at MOMA on Safe design a few years ago

Sandrine Han: for me, I think design is another field of study that I didn’t really learn about it in art education

SageStage Minotaur: art education can include both design and fine art and art from a broader visual culture–social theory perspective.

Sandrine Han: there are more and more design shows in fine art museum

lihsun: People nowadays see Design as a useful solution in a real life

SageStage Minotaur: Or art education can focus specifically on design or fine art from a social theory perspective, i.e., visual culture.

lihsun: I think visual culture can be served in both Art & Design Educations

SageStage Minotaur: Art from social activist perspectives is useful to real-life issues in bringing about change.

Marylou Goldrosen: I agree–recycling, product design, even architecture –for social solutions gets ignored


FIELD TRIP:  Mathematical Art

A realisation of M C Escher’s ‘Relativity’ by Furia Freeloader, and mathematical sculptures by Seifert Surface! Furia’s full-scale model in 3D can be rotated along three axes. Seifert’s artwork touches on knots, fractals, surfaces and the 4th dimension


Next meeting time: November 5th, 8 AM SL time= 8AM PST, 9AM MST, 10 AM CST, 11 AM EST, Sydney=1:00; Frankfurt=17:00; Taipei=23:00.  You are very welcome to join us!

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