InAEA 2011 September Meeting Minutes


Jules McWinnie, Liliann Ling, and Sandrine Han



I am renewing the InAEA affiliation of InSEA. If you are a member of InSEA, please let me know. If you or any art educators you know who know Second Life and willing to get involved in InAEA, please let me know. We don’t have World Council and World Consultant from South East Asia and Pacific, Africa and Middle East, Latin America. And we don’t have World Consultant from Europe too.



Sandrine Han: I am writing a proposal for an International Second Life art education conference. I would like to name the conference as: Global Culture Creativity Industry and Art and Design Education. I would also like to make a art and design student exhibition along with the conference. Any suggestion?

Sandrine Han: have you heard “Global Culture Creativity Industry” before??

Liliann Ling: yes….I think more Taiwanese people are talking about that

Jules McWinnie: I’ve never heard of it. It sounds kind of like a business.

Sandrine Han: yes… with this name, it give me more possibility to get the founding. yes… I guess people out of Taiwan won’t understand what that is…

Liliann Ling: it’s a term used a lot in design area

Jules McWinnie: I think the fact that it’s kind of an obscure term is a good thing. It leaves it open ended.

Sandrine Han: I think I will need to make design people get involved too. design in SL is VERY important

Jules McWinnie: Exactly! Which introduces the visual culture conversation, too.

Sandrine Han: YES!! everything can come together!

Liliann Ling: how are you going to run the conference?

Sandrine Han: how… I will work with all Taiwanese in SL… we will do that in these sims. I will contact with Linden Lab as well…

Jules McWinnie: Will you have presenters?

Sandrine Han: YES! people will present paper in SL… there will have a physical conference in Tawian at the same time… the art show will be there as well… I am contacting with Treet TV as well… hope they can come to record our conference

Liliann Ling: the time zone would be a problem… 😛

Sandrine Han: YES! time zone is the biggest problem…

Liliann Ling: I have seen other conference have different time zone for presentation

Jules McWinnie: It seemed like the VW had presenters almost around the clock

Sandrine Han: YES! I don’t know will art ed have so many people like that… I was thinking we will have max about 200 people… that’s why I want to get more SL designer involved

Jules McWinnie: Yes, that’s what I was thinking. If you also have art makers, and art exhibiters and designers…then there are more participants.

Sandrine Han: Oh, yes, art opening as well…

Liliann Ling: you might need a stream so people can watch online

Sandrine Han: Oh, by the way, I will know if this project is passed in December… so, we will see…

Jules McWinnie: When would you like to have it happen?

Sandrine Han: If it is passed, I will get $$ from 2012 January… I would like to have the conference in September 2012… what do you think about it?

Jules McWinnie: That seems like a reasonable amount of time, I think.

Sandrine Han: hopefully we can get more people outside of Taiwan…



InAEA new location:

InAEA Cultural Center: 



Next meeting time: October 1th, 8 AM SL time= 8AM PST, 9AM MST, 10 AM CST, 11 AM EST, Sydney=1:00; Frankfurt=17:00; Taipei=23:00.  You are very welcome to join us!

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