IJETA Special Issue: Community Art, Call for Articles

Call for Articles: Special Issue: Community Art – Volume 8.3
The International Journal of Education through Art is seeking submissions. The journal is interdisciplinary in its reflection of teaching and learning contexts and also in its representation of artistic approaches and practices. It provides a platform for those who wish to question and evaluate the ways in which art education is practiced, disseminated and interpreted across a diverse range of educational contexts. Each issue consists of peer-reviewed articles and image-text features.
Articles and visual essays are sought for a special issue, which focus on the broad theme of ‘community art’, sometimes referred to as ‘art in the community’ or ‘socially engaged art’. What are the distinctive features of community art? How does it happen and what does it look like? Who is engaged in community art and where does it take place? What might be the benefits of community art? These are just some of the questions that may be addressed in this issue, there are many more. We are seeking critical articles and
visual essays, or ‘image-text features’ that report on this area of art practice. Image-text features are particularly welcome for this issue.


Guidelines for authors (articles and visual essays) can be found at:



Contributors should make it clear when submitting materials that they are intended for
the themed issue ‘Community Art’.
All enquiries should be addressed to the editor at editor1@insea.org




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