InAEA 2011 August Meeting Minutes


Beacara, Catherine5, Marylou Goldrosen and Sandrine Han


  1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Cultural Sensitivity in a Global World: A Handbook for Teachers. The deadline is October 1, 2011. Send copies of abstracts to all three editors: Marjorie Cohee Manifold, Steve Willis, Enid Zimmerman, for more information:

DISCUSSION: What are the taboos in art education? Why? And what should we do about it?

Marylou Goldrosen: Taboos come from education itself, which is so conservative and of course to protect kids.

It is limited by funding too. Art education itself is a broad field with alternative education settings

Sandrine Han: yes… I think in different countries there are different taboos

Catherine5: Religion…

Beacara: are there any taboos in art+education? Sex? Violence? Destruction?

Sandrine Han: I think art education is the most open subject in school, we can almost discuss everything, but there are certain things we just cannot talk with students…

Marylou Goldrosen: At one time, the good old boys wouldn’t discuss queer theory or behavior

Marylou Goldrosen: Depends on level of students

Sandrine Han: yes! level of student is very important, can we talk about everything to our undergrad students?

Marylou Goldrosen: When I was in Turkey in 1976, I wrote about guys walking in streets holding hairs, the editors were appalled. This was normal behavior for men then. They couldn’t hold woman’s hand

"holding hands" I mean

Beacara: Our students tell us, that Germany is more free than US

Marylou Goldrosen: Our Social Caucus is much more liberal, depends on what branch of art education

Beacara: I COULD discuss everything, but as long as I’m not sure if I’ll have difficulties I’m careful what I do and say

Catherine5: I find that I have to be very careful on the topics of conversation with even HS students

Marylou Goldrosen: Yes, I had a university student complain about pornography on SL, One of my male students appeared in nude–by accident

Catherine5: I’ve stumbled into places of SL I wouldn’t want to go back to my self & wouldn’t want to expose anyone else to

Marylou Goldrosen: So, we survived by my telling students that I don’t support pornography and the student apologizing

Catherine5: Students understand- but their Parents?

Marylou Goldrosen: Some parents can stick up for you– I attended School Board Meetings

Beacara: so you have to discuss the subject with the parents before

Marylou Goldrosen: YEs & School Board

Sandrine Han: yes… talk with the parents before is very important… they need to be able to trust you and support you!

Beacara: Parents are often content with the fact that teachers are discussing things with their children that they don’t like to do by themselves

Catherine5: my husband is on our school board

Marylou Goldrosen: GREAT!! Interview them about what to do

Sandrine Han: not only they tell us what to do, we need to tell them about how we are doing that, and how they should support teachers!

Catherine5: It’s important



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