InAEA 2011 July Meeting Minutes


Marylou Goldrosen and Sandrine Han


1. InSEA World Congress 2014 will be held in Australia Melbourne

2. CSEA (Canadian Society for Education through Art) conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick, October 14-15, 2011 For more information please see:

3. USSEA (United States Society for Education through Art) conference,  Indianapolis,  Indiana, USA, June 23-26, 2012

4. InSEA European Congress will be in Limasol Cyprus from June 25-27, 2012

5. For regional congress information please see:

6. Call for Papers Journal of Social Theory in Art Education Volume 32, Journal Theme: De(Fence) DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 15, 2011 for more information:

7. The 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention 2011 will take place at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA from August 12-14, 2011, and registration is now open!  Linden Lab is a sponsor of this great event that is offered to you by the amazing AvaCon organization.  Read about them here!

8. InAEA might move to a new place soon! One Taiwan professor, Nomilly Valeska, invites us to join her land at You can see more about Taiwan around that land!



Sandrine Han: What do you think about the InSEA Congress this year?

Marylou Goldrosen: The Conference site at Moholy Nagy School of Design was special. I sent the photos of stages of car design to my nephew who loved cars. I loved the graffiti mural at the coffee meeting place because of the tiny symbols and blue/orange color contrast. Put this on InSEA web site.

Best Exhibition: Our stories—Works of Art from Border of Misery: Paintings by Hungarian Roma Children from the Depths of Poverty. The art work was colorful, meaningful tales, with multiple grounds and suprizes (horse with 8 legs and X-ray views of creatures inside creatures in one tale). At InSEA Conference I Loved the Places we visited, such as the Children’s Museum with its large Yurt, decorated with children’s hand prints and images on material on top and their paintings surrounding it. The guide told us that the master artist worked alongside the child. At times the master would finish the child’s abstract coloring (e.g. add a lion face) or child would imitate the master painting.

As far as presentations, not one struck me in total, but snippets of what was said became meaningful:

In response to Diederick’s Shoenau’s keynote [Art is meant for communication and development of 21st c skills], Andrea Karpati announced, “Make yourself important for society!”

I liked Robert W. Sweeny’s Complex Digital Visual Systems (Prezi demo) Session 3 because I want to try it myself. My student Jennie Evans actually introduced me to it. She gave the paper on The Pet Society {Six Year Olds on this virtual world]


FIELD TRIP: Alea Fukushima

Inspired by the Japanese earthquake disaster, Fukushima is an interactive, 3D art installation that will challenge the limits of your imagination. As the narrative goes, soon …



Next meeting time: August 6th, 8 AM SL time= 8AM PST, 9AM MST, 10 AM CST, 11 AM EST, Sydney=1:00; Frankfurt=17:00; Taipei=23:00. You are very welcome to join us!

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