InAEA 2011 June Meeting Minutes


SageStage Minotaur, Marylou Goldrosen, lolli Sapphire, Bleddin Vlodovic, and Sandrine Han



SageStage Minotaur:Penn State receives Judy Chicago collections University Park, Pa- Artist, author, and educator Judy Chicago has given Penn State University Libraries the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection, one of the most important private collections of feminist art education. The collection will be housed in the University Archives in the Special Collections Library, 104 Paterno Library, on the Penn State University Park campus as well as online.

Judy Chicago’s teaching projects, the focus of the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection coming to Penn State, includes archival material from the Fresno Feminist Art Program (1970), Womanhouse (1971-1972), New York Feminist Art Institute (1980), SINsation (University of Indiana, Bloomington, 1999), From Theory to Practice (Duke, 2000), At Home (Western Kentucky University, 2001-2002), Envisioning the Future (Cal Poly Pomona and the Pomona Art Colony, 2003-2004), and Evoke/Invoke/Provoke (Vanderbilt, 2005).

In collaboration with Chicago’s gift, the Through the Flower organization (TTF) has given The Dinner Party Curriculum Online Project (developed by Kutztown University professors, Marilyn Stewart, Peg Speirs, and Carrie Nordlund, under the directorship of Marilyn Stewart, and in collaboration with Judy Chicago and Constance Bumgarner Gee) to Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture to be sustained in perpetuity with the Libraries’ archive collection. This continues the original intent for the DPCP to be organic and generative, and in Judy Chicago’s words: “All of us involved in developing this Curriculum want it to be a living tool, one that can be expanded upon by teachers for decades to come. What we have tried to create is a basis for explorations, discoveries, and an expanding array of projects and activities.”

I got the idea during a conversation with Judy in June 2010 and asked her. She liked the idea and a year later Penn State has 2 endowments from TTF and the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection, which begins a living archive on feminist art pedagogy!

Marylou Goldrosen: We can start to design the plates? We can have a competition or Ask Judy Chicago if we can use one of hers? What do you think?

SageStage Minotaur: I recommend engaging with some of the 14 encounters with The Dinner Party first. Before selecting a woman to bring to the table, and designing a plate. The Dinner Party artwork is about women’s omission in history and about social justice.

lolli Sapphire: you could do a plate design competition. artists in SL love competitions

SageStage Minotaur: would we perform from research on a particular women artist?

Marylou Goldrosen: Should we include the guys too who could make a plate to honor some women or disenfranchised person/group?

lolli Sapphire: I am really sure much about this topic, but since this is being done in SL could be not highlight artists that live as women in SL, furries included, and others

SageStage Minotaur: Guys need to learn of women who have contributed to society too. SL women artists, including furries, would be a good focus.

Sandrine Han: there is no real gender in SL, right?

lolli Sapphire: no i disagree. there is gender. it is a chosen for the moment

Sandrine Han: yes, not a stable thing, in SL.

lolli Sapphire: for some. but in rl it is not either. and in our mind not ever

SageStage Minotaur: I have read several studies of research in SL, and gender is always part of identity, even with furries.

lolli Sapphire: yes it is. but gender is choosen in SL.

SageStage Minotaur: It may not be biological but it is a strong part of interactions, especially when the English language is used.

lolli Sapphire: true. but some choose it because of visual reasons. not true gender

SageStage Minotaur: The still chose a gender–that is the point I am making. By selecting male or female, gender is part of identity.

lolli Sapphire: I am only stating that you cannot assume the gender in sl is the same as real. I have a rl friend that is female in here and runs a whore house. he wanted to be female in here. not to have sex with men, but with women

Bleddin Vlodovic: Sl and RL are not entirely different

lolli Sapphire: you are right. they are not

Bleddin Vlodovic: So gender is never off the table

SageStage Minotaur: Christine Liao has completed her first full draft of her dissertation. Gender is always on the table as Bleddin notes.

lolli Sapphire: but today there are families raising children without gender

SageStage Minotaur: society genders us

lolli Sapphire: i am not sure how that works

Sandrine Han: we been taught how to be our gender

lolli Sapphire: to not be politically correct, but some gay people have a natural opposite about them. phyiscal opposite. is that also taught?

Sandrine Han: from what I know, there are many married guy to be woman in SL as well…

SageStage Minotaur: When I walk into a university classroom as a women, there are assumptions about me based on the societal expectations and experiences of the students. I look more like their mother than their father–or those serving in these roles. This is just an example.

lolli Sapphire: yes inside the virtual world people choose everything about themselves. In virtual world I am a slave, but that also comes with assumptions. because in my rl I am also very submissive but have never felt safe in my environment to be.

SageStage Minotaur: Gay people do not have an opposite about them and can have more masculine stereortypical looks and behaviors than a hetero man.

SageStage Minotaur: lolli, you never felt safe in RL or SL environment to be submissive?

lolli Sapphire: I have a master. but he also does not appericate within SL groups. It also makes for an interesting place for me , seeing that I represent myself as both an educator working with children and a slave

SageStage Minotaur: I would love a SL or RL systemic environment where there were no hierarchies. No masters. Equity instead.

Marylou Goldrosen: Sometimes the university can seem like drudgery

lolli Sapphire: you seek something that is not possible Sage

SageStage Minotaur: There are moments of non-hierarchical spaces, but not the way of the patriarchal world.

Bleddin Vlodovic: There are more that two options right, slave – master…

lolli Sapphire: yes there are many options. you would not believe the things people say to me because of my choice

SageStage Minotaur: I am thinking of relationship options, which is related to power and privilege: hierarchical, we can become, and are always becoming, but it is more than what one does in that we are in part how we relate to others and others relate to us. It is a process way of thinking of identity, rather than our identity as a fixed entity (even if changed).

Marylou Goldrosen: we are supposed to think beyond binaries now –into the third space, so it is up to us to cross fetilize and maybe become cyborg

lolli Sapphire: no. we are not going to be cyborgs. identity is always changing as our environment does but i think some of that comes from being able to admit to self, aspects of self


FIELD TRIP: Veparella scissor-happy superheroine, who was unleashed in a freak sewing accident, invites you to join her in a fairytale caper! Put on the free superhero outfit, cast some snippy spells, leap on a thunderapple, kick rogue peas out of bed and spin spiders ’till you’re giddy! Interactive art by Maya Paris, with music by March Macbain.


Next meeting time: July 9th, 8 AM SL time= 8AM PST, 9AM MST, 10 AM CST, 11 AM EST, Sydney=1:00; Frankfurt=17:00; Taipei=23:00. You are very welcome to join us!



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