Call For Papers: International Journal of Arts Education

Types of Submissions

Research papers on arts education, including arts education theories and practices, methodological studies, and systematic reviews on chosen research subjects. Translations, reporting articles, degree dissertations and research reports for training projects are excluded.


Preparing the Submission


The manuscript in either Chinese or English ( preferably both ) should be electronic-typed as. 34 words a line, 31 lines a page, horizontal text ow with pagination. The body including all tables and graphs, notes, and appendixes. It should be between 10 and 16 pages, except Chinese/English abstract or bibliography.



(1) Cover page: basic information of the contributor is required.
(2) Chinese / English abstract: Chinese and English abstracts of no more than 500 words respectively and no more than 5 key words, followed by the body of the manuscript ( including tables, notes and appendixes ) and bibliography. Identi cation of the contributor should not appear elsewhere except for the cover page.
(3) The body.
(4) Tables and gures should be numbered with captions above the tables and below the gures. Original spelling for proper nouns should be retained in parentheses.
(5) References in text should follow the recent APA style.
(6) Papers based on research projects should include necessary acknowledgement and names of the sponsors.



(1) All papers deemed appropriate for the Journal are sent to anonymously to readers and rated as (a) accepted for publication, (b) accepted for publication after revision by the author, or (c) not accepted.
(2) Upon publication, the Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan, and the National Taiwan Arts Education Institute will hold the right of electronic publication.
(3) Deadline for Contributors:28th February, 2011 ( Volume 9 Issue 1)
30st June, ( Volume 9 Issue 2 )
(4) Volume 9 Issue 1 of the Journal 2011 will come out in 5th July.
(5) Volume 9 Issue 2 of the Journal 2011 will come out in 5th December.



(1) Manuscript unconformity to the above-mentioned formats and requirements will not be accepted.
(2) Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that the editor and the editorial staff have the right to make revisions.
(3) Upon publication, three complimentary copies of the Journal will be sent to the contributors.
(4) Authors must comply with international copyright laws and are solely responsible for any infringement or violation charges.
(5) Please send the document in the format of MS Word to :
And specify “submissions for The International Journal of Arts Education ” on mail or the title of e-mail.


For more information:

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