Opening for 2011 overseas correspondence of KACES

Dear colleagues,

KACES(Korea Arts and Culture Education Service) is running a web magazine called ‘artEzine’, which introduces good practices on arts and culture education inside and outside of Korea. About 47, 000 people in Korea (including school teachers, arts educators, government officials, etc) subscribe to artEzine. We also provide artEzine service in English, for international users. (

We are looking for 2011 overseas correspondents (reporters) for artEzine. If you are interested in joining us and sharing the latest trends of arts and culture education, please submit the requested documents by April 20th (Wednesday). Also if you know anyone who might have an interest to become overseas correspondents, please referral this email.

We look forward to hearing from people who are keen on arts and culture education and appreciate active participation.

■ Area (region, country): Any areas in any countries will be welcomed.
■ Qualifications
∘ Abilities for planning the news articles and basic writing skills with the comprehension of arts and culture education.
∘ Resident from the applicable area, involved in arts and culture education
e.g.,) Undergraduate/ graduate student majored in arts and culture, employee in arts and culture education fields (arts management, arts administration, local community etc)
∘ Any nationalities (in case of foreigners, must be able to write in English)
■ Job Specifications
∘ Duration: May 2011 to December 2011 (8 months)
∘ Write an article on exemplary cases or symposium of arts and culture education in the country of current residence (including interviews of arts and culture education organization and officers)
∘ Write an article on new arts and culture education policy
∘ Research on arts and culture education in the country of current residence
∘ Collect and submit research data requested by KACES
※Reporting schedule will be set by prior consultation with KACES (1 or 2 times, bimonthly)
∘ After selected as correspondents, subscribe newsletter and register Observatory web site (official web site will be launch 2nd half of this year)
■ Benefits
∘ Writer’s fee
∘ Sending official letter for reporting proof letter on demand
∘ Sharing materials on arts and culture education and relevant matters
∘ Issuance of a certification letter for ArtE overseas correspondent
■ Required submission
∘ Resume and Cover Letter to assess your suitability (any form)
∘ Activity plans as a reporter (any form/ journal items and direction included)
∘ Any other personal articles or papers related to arts and culture education
∘ Deadline: April 20th,2011(Wednesday)by 18:00(GMT+7)
∘ You can submit the documents by e-mail only (
■ Other
∘ Detailed activities and frequency of article submission are adjustable later on.
∘ Inquiry: PR & International Liaison Team Phone: 82-2-6209-5954

PR & International Liaison Team
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES)
11 Gyoyukjinheungwon-gil Guro-gu, Seoul Korea 152-842
Tel. (82-2)-6209-5923  Fax.(82-2)-6209-5949
* KACES homepage (English) :
* Facebook(English):
* Twitter(English):

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