LGBT Youth Artist Profiles


International Society for Education through Art

Message sent on Behalf of James Sanders, Treasurer of InSEA:

InSEA members are encouraged to electronically submit proposals for short LGBT Youth artist profiles (student artists in grades K-22 — including those pursuing graduate studies), and are also encouraged to collaborative develop such essays with students (youth writing about themselves or peers).


Initial submission must include: a short alphanumeric "About the Cover" text (no more than 500-1,000 words), illustrated with artworks by a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth. Initially proposed artworks should be reproduced as 72 DPI jpeg files. Art reproductions at this resolution are appropriate only for initial submission, final artwork files are to be in TIFF format and saved at 300-600 dpi — with images no wider than 4 3/4" nor taller than 7". ONLY the cover artwork itself will be published in full-color — all other published art will be reproduced in black & white.  Since TIFF files of publishable quality are too big to readily email, authors are asked to submit publishable images burned to a CD that is readable in both MAC and PC format, and mail to James Sanders, Associate Editor, LGBT Youth at 280 E. Lincoln Avenue, Columbus, OH 43214 along with signed release forms for each artwork on the s CD. Authors are asked to make sure the names of all saved TIFF files are consistent in both the Cover and interior figures (artworks) and references to those titles in the "about the cover" feature text.  Jim Sanders email address is and interested authors are encouraged to share questions they might have about this call.


As an associate editor of LGBT Youth, Jim Sanders will work with authors to develop "about the cover features" that appropriately serve the LGB or T artist featured. Authors are further encourage to make sure the student artist’s voice(s) are forefronted, and that the feature addresses a few foundational questions (most having to do with how the artwork reflects the author’s identifications, their reading of the current climate for LGBT Youth, a recounting of the artist’s (not) coming out narrative(s), and aims for the future)–in short, creating a context for readers to understand the artist’s subject position, reading of the cultural (non)acceptance of LGBT Youth, their artwork(s) and/or vision.


LGBT Youth is published by Taylor & Francis.

Journal of LGBT Youth

Print ISSN 1936-1653

Online ISSN 1936-1661


One may learn more about the journal by visiting


The LGBT Youth Journal is Sponsored by National Art Education Association, LGBT/Queer Issues Caucus and is Affiliated with American Education Research Association Queer Studies SIG Here is an excerpt about the journal from the Instructions for Authors:

Aims and Scope: The Journal of LGBT Youth is the interdisciplinary forum dedicated to improving the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. This quarterly journal presents peer-reviewed scholarly articles, practitioner-based essays, policy analyses, and revealing narratives from young people. This invaluable resource is committed to advancing knowledge about, and support of, LGBT youth. The wide-ranging topics include formal and non-formal education; family; peer culture; the media, arts, and entertainment industry; religious institutions and youth organizations; health care; and the workplace.

Prospective authors are encouraged to read the information above.   ALL artworks published in the Journal MUST be accompanied by signed copyright release forms – AND if the artist, author, or featured subject (model) is under 18 years of age, a parental release form is required.  One does not have to be a member of the U.S. National Art Education Association Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Queer Issues Caucus to submit art works or an "about the artist" features for possible publication,- but if one is a member of that caucus they receive a complimentary copy of the journal  as a benefit of membership (which I believe is still $20 or $25/year)–meaning this is a GREAT DEAL for NAEA LGBT/Queer Issues Caucus members, since the current international subscription rate for the journal is $95/year otherwise…

Should a prospective author or artist have questions regarding their submissions, or wish to secure release forms, queries may be directed to Jim Sanders at 280 E. Lincoln Avenue, Columbus, OHIO 43214 U.S. A.  Artworks must be clearly identified– with title of the work(s), size, media and date of completion. Parental release are required if the artist, a photographically featured model, or the author is under 18 years of age.  One should NOT go through James Sears, Editor, to submit cover artwork or accompanying "about the cover" feature (as it would appear to suggest on the Taylor & Francis web instruction), but  as an associate editor, Jim Sanders assumes that role and works with authors to develop representations that are consistent with the aims of the publication.

Originally the journal was named, the International Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education, and art features largely constituted art historical reexaminations.  The recent shift to LGBT Youth reconfirms the journal’s concurrent move to undertake research that supports the emergence of the next generation of queer scholarship and insights that represent today’s LGBT Youth.

InSEA members are encouraged to nurture international authors whose work addresses LGBT Youth, and are urged to help redress the almost exclusively a North American perspectives represented by covers historically. This limited vision of what it means to be or work with LGBT Youth is clearly unacceptable for an international Journal, and InSEA members can do something to rectify this misrepresentation.

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