The International Visual Sociology Association invites paper, poster, and research workshop proposals
for the 2011 Conference at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, July 6-8.

Submissions can be made in response to:

The 2011 Conference Panels listed on the IVSA Website http://www.visualsociology.org, or


The Conference Theme

paper and poster proposals that fall outside of the 2011 theme are welcomed and will be given equal consideration.



1. Please choose from among the following presentation formats:

(a) Paper: A paper is an presentation lasting 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions. Papers will be scheduled in 120 minute sessions which will normally include 4 papers on similar themes; in exceptional cases, 4 papers may be combined. A paper is submitted by one author plus up to three co-authors; two of the authors can be listed as presenting authors.

(b) Poster: A poster is a graphical presentations that will be displayed during the conference and
presented in a special poster session. A poster is submitted by one author plus up to three co-authors.
Presenters will be asked to be available at the poster session to answer questions from other conference !
delegates. You will be informed of the format and size of the poster when your presentation is accepted.

(c) Research Workshop: A research workshop focuses on methodological topics and may involve practical
activity. Workshops are submitted by one author plus up to 4 co-authors. Normally one session
(120 minutes) is scheduled for a workshop.


2. Proposals should be 750 words. Also, include a short abstract of 50 words. Short abstracts for accepted submissions will be made publicly available online or in print. Proposals should include:
• Title of proposal
• Title of Presentation Format — paper, poster, or research workshop
• Details of Authors(s) of proposal including affiliations and email addresses
• 3 – 5 keywords

• Proposals should be structured in accordance with the following elements, preferably in this order:
a) Objectives or purposes
b) Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
c) Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
d) Data sources, evidence, objects, or materials
e) Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view
f) Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work

It is understood that theoretical or methodological papers will include information that is the equivalent of
element (d) above for those genres of scholarly work.


3. All proposals must be submitted electronically:

• If you are submitting a paper or poster which is to be considered for inclusion in one of the 2011 Conference Panels, please e-mail your proposal to the Panel Chair. See list of accepted panels and contact details on the IVSA website: http://www.visualsociology.org

• If you are submitting a paper or poster that is not related to, or does not respond to any of the listed panels,

please e-mail your proposal to submissions@ivsa2011.com with the subject heading: IVSA 2011 Paper/
Poster Proposal.

• All Research Workshop Proposals need to be submitted to submissions@ivsa2011.com with the subject

heading: IVSA 2011 Research Workshop Proposal.




All proposals submitted are peer-reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee.

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