International Art Education Study


Here in Tennessee, one tenth of the school year is dedicated to teaching about art in the history
of cultures, and my question is how do you teach art from other cultures without having ever
experienced it? Would that not be almost … dare I say “fake”? Throughout May, 2011, I, a Senior Art
Education major at East Tennessee State University will be exploring a few countries in which I have
noted have distinguished art cultures, in an attempt to bring back the lessons I have learned to my
students. I have compiled places to stay during my travels in Istanbul, Turkey; Madrid, Spain; Rabat,
Morocco; Paris, France; and Reykjavik, Iceland
. In these cities, my project will consist of four
components: 1) How traditional crafts are practiced; 2) How craft is viewed currently; 3) What projects
are being taught in the schools; and 4) How the Art Education courses differ from America, and how I can
use the positive differences in my classroom. Upon my return, the following semester will be Student
Teaching, where I will be able to share this with my students, and enrich their lives with my true
firsthand experiences; an exquisite opportunity for student and teacher alike.


In order for this to work, I need permission to observe in a school in each of these countries. If
any teachers would be so willing to let me observe in their classrooms, it would be deeply appreciated. I
prefer to observe ages between 13-18, however, I would appreciate any offer. My contact information is
as follows:

Brittany Willis


Dear all,

Please take a look at this very interesting project. If you are from Istanbul, Turkey; Madrid, Spain; Rabat,
Morocco; Paris, France; and Reykjavik, Iceland
, and willing to participant in this project, please directly contact with Brittany Willis. Thank you!


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