Call for paper – InSEA World Congress, Budapest 26-30 June 2011



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25 June, Saturday, 26 June, Sunday 2011

Theme: Authentic Assessment in Art Education: New Media, Models, and Tools

Art education is about creation, meaning making and sharing experiences through and about art. Evaluation of results should also serve these purposes: inspire, interpret and improve performance. The Research Pre-Conference of the 2011 InSEA Congress invites presentations about research on authentic and reliable methods of assessment and evaluation of students’ and adult learners’ performance, quality, use as well as cultural, social and individual value of arts projects, methods and themes. This conference could have been termed “evaluation beyond testing”, but it seems more appropriate, quoting one of the speakers, to focus our efforts on developmental assessment. (Schönau, 2010)


1. History of assessment in art education in the United States, Stanley Madeja, Northern Illinois University, US

2. Assessment of performance in the visual arts: what, who and how? Douglas Boughton , Northern Illinois University, US

3. Developmental models reconsidered, Folkert Haanstra, Amsterdam School of the Arts, The Netherlands

4. Evaluating visual culture – consequences of a paradigm shift in art education for assessment, Kerry Freedman, Northern Illinois University, US

5. National assessment of art and design skills in France. Centre of Research, Images, Cultures and Cognitions, (CRICC), University of Paris 1 (Sorbonne), France

6. From Child Art to Visual Language of Youth: The Hungarian Visual Skills Assessment Study, Andrea Kárpáti, ELTE University, UNESCO Centre for Multimedia in Education, Budapest and Emil Gaul, President, National Art Educators’ Association, Budapest, Hungary


Doctoral students in art education present and discuss diverse research methods and strategies for planning and conducting their dissertation research.



27 June, Monday, 30 June, Thursday 2011


Art education has long gone beyond schools or even lifelong education environments. It penetrates all areas of life, where visual design, creation, communication and perception is a dominant activity. During the Budapest congress, members of InSEA are invited to enter a series of art spaces: contexts where visual culture is relevant, visual communication is dominant, where art sets the stage and the context is defined by the hands of the creator or the eyes of the beholder. We invite contribution in a variety of forms: themed sessions, roundtables, individual presentations, posters, exhibitions, workshops and online activities: e-seminars, discussions and workshops on internet based co-construction of knowledge about art spaces in the following themes:


1. Cultural Spaces: art education from a cultural anthropological and sociological perspective

2. Arts and Science: Common Spaces: synergy of creation in fine arts, the liberal arts and science

3. Spaces and Objects: environmental consciousness in the 21th century

4. Virtual Art Spaces: creative potentials of new imaging technologies

5. New Spaces For Art Education: multimedia in museum, museums in cyberspace”

6. Issue Based Art Education: plenary panel discussion


1.Common Spaces for Arts and Science
Presenter: LÁSZLÓ LOVÁSZ, Professor of Mathematics, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, ELTE University, Faculty of Science, Budapest, Hungary
Chair: RITA IRWIN, InSEA President

2.Cultural Spaces – Art education from a cultural anthropological and sociological perspective
Presenter: CHRISTINE BALLENGEE MORRIS, The Ohio State University, Department of Art Education, US
Respondent: MIHÁLY HOPPÁL, European Folklore Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Chair: MARIAN PREVODNIK, Vice President of InSEA

3.Common Spaces for Arts and Science: interdisciplinary models of creating a synergy among the fine arts, liberal arts and science
Presenter: SARA CALCAGNINI, Leonardo de Vinci Museum of Science, Technology and Arts, Milan, Italy (confirmed)
Respondent: András PATKÓS, Professor of Physics, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary
Chair: RITA IRWIN, InSEA President

4.Spaces and Objects – Environmental consciousness in the 21th century
Presenter: SIR HERBERT READ AWARD RECIPIENT. If the recipient will prefer a different topic, we will change this theme.
Respondent: EMIL GAUL, President, Hungarian Art Educators’ Association, Budapest, Hungary
Chair: MARIAN PREVODNIK, Vice President of InSEA

5.Virtual Art Spaces: creative potentials of new imaging technologies
Presenter: BERNARD DARRAS, Centre of Research, Images, Cultures and Cognitions, (CRICC), University of Paris 1 (Sorbonne), France
Respondent: MIKLÓS, PETERNÁK, Institute for Intermedia, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Chair: ANGELIKA PLANK, President of THE European Council of InSEA

6.Issue Based Art Education – plenary panel discussion
Moderator: DEBORAH SMITH-SHANK, Vice President of InSEA (confirmed)
Panelists: ISTVÁN BODÓCZKY, Professor, Emeritus, Moholy-Nagy University of Design, Budapest, 1-1 InSEA World Councillors or members from Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. 6. Community Spaces For Art Education: museums, cultural centres and other public spaces




  • Important dates
  • Submission of Proposals
  • Paper proposals
  • Symposium proposals
  • Workshop proposals
  • Posters

Presentation Guidelines

Abstracts for symposia, individual presentations, posters and workshops should not exceed 250 words and must be submitted electronically here:
Online abstract submission
Instructions for submitting abstracts

Participants of the Main Congress may also submit applications for the Research pre-Conference to be held on 25-26 June. and deliver two papers if accepted. Please upload both abstracts here and indicate FOR THE RESEARCH PRE-CONFERENCE before the title.2 (Instructions for submitting abstracts)

PAPER SESSIONS will consist of the oral /visual /audiovisual presentation of four papers followed by discussions (15 + 5 min/ paper). The individual papers are grouped into sessions by the Scientific Committee based on the topics.

WORKSHOPS the promoter is responsible for required equipment and materials. Please include the maximum number of workshop participants as well as the equipment and technology needed in the workshop in the final paragraph of Your abstract.

POSTERS will be on display during the congress. There will be a separate poster session where the poster presenters can give a 5-minute oral presentation on their poster. The poster size is A0 (840 x 1190 mm).

PROCEEDINGS abstracts will be published on the Program Book. Abstracts and selected full papers will also be published in the Congress Proceedings (CD-ROM). Selected full papers invited for publication should also be submitted using the online submission system. Instructions about the paper submission will be added on this page and sent to corresponding authors together with the notification of acceptance.

Please find below instructions for full paper contributors, short paper presenters, poster presenters and workshop organisers.



  • Research Pre-Conference
    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest,
    1121 Budapest, Zugligeti Street 11-25
  • Main Congress
    Eötvös Loránd University, (ELTE),
    Faculty of Science (TTK), building ’A’
    1117 Budapest, Pázmány Alley 1/A

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Registration dates:

  • Early Bird fee transfer: until 30 March 2011
  • Full price fee transfer: until 15 June 2011
  • On-site registration: during the congress

Registration fee

Early bird:

  • InSEA Members: 240 Euro
  • Non-members: 285 Euro
        (includes one year InSEA membership fee)
  • Students: 100 Euro
  • Pensioners: 145 Euro

Full price:

  • InSEA Members: 280 Euro
  • Non-members: 325 Euro
        (includes one year InSEA membership fee)
  • Students: 140 Euro
  • Pensioners: 185 Euro

On site registration:

  • InSEA Members: 320 Euro
  • Non-members: 365 Euro
        (includes one year InSEA membership fee)
  • Students: 180 Euro
  • Pensioners: 225 Euro

Please transfer your registration fee to this account:

Account holder: InSEA 2011 HATA
Account number IBAN: HU 75 11763062 15823883 00000000
Bank Address: OTP Bank,
                H-1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út/Str. No. 11.

Please register for the INSEA 2011 Congress, the evening events, as well as the optional excursions and post-congress tours by using the online registration form link below. online registration form


Collection of Children’s Art in Kecskemét

The child art collection was founded by the Pedagogia Sub Rosa Cultural Association that is inspired by the work of the educationalist Johann Amos Comenius, who resided in the Hungarian Sárospatak Castle famous for its Sub Rosa Hall. The collection contains reviewed work representing the visual language of children and youth and its relations with contemporary art. The Association offers summer workshops for talent development where artists and children work together in a mutually inspiring environment.

International Child Art Collection
at the Lake Balaton in Zánka
Founded in 1976, the Collection organises yearly international child art, crafts and design contests called “Rainbow” . At present, about 2.000 works from 100 countries are stored here. The Collection that also organises summer camps for talented children, prize winners of the exhibition, is located within the Zánka Childrend and Youth Centre, at the shore of the Lake Balaton.



Emil Gaul, Professor of Art and Design Education, President of the Hungarian Art educators’ Association and
Andrea Kárpáti, Professor and Head, UNESCO Chair for Multimedia in Education, ELTE University, Congress Co-Chairs Gabriella Pataky, Assistant Professor of Art Education, ELTE University, Congress Secretary
Anikó Illés, PhD, Associate Professor, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

International Organising Committee
Organising Committee



InSEA Congress 2011 Budapest

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