Join InAEA meeting with a text-based Second Life!

If you would like to join InAEA monthly meeting, but do not want to install the “huge” Second Life that require high speed internet, text based Second Life will be your another option!

Second Life wiki provides several options.

The one I am going to introduce here today is the SLite Chat.

It is a light weight, clean, and easy to use software.


To use this text-based software, you will need to have a Second Life account first! 

(Here is how: Second-Life-registration-and-start-up! )


After you have an account, you don’t need to install Second Life, instead, go to this website and download and install the “SLite Chat.”



After installed, click on the Login at the upper left, and key in your log in information!


At the SIM Landmark place, type (or copy and past) this is InAEA SL Land Mark (LM). After you click OK, you will be able to log in SL, InAEA meeting place!


Sometimes, your “friends” or “groups” is not listing right, my suggestion is Logout and Login again!

(It happens to me almost every other time, so, don’t worry about it! :))

After you successful login, you should be able to see the screen like this:


You can double click on your friend to start an IM.


You can also double click on a group to start a Group IM.



This is a very light weight browser for SL discussion; therefore, the inventory is disabled in this software.

This software is not able to use landmark teleport as well.

So, when we are going to have our field trip, and you want to come with us, you will need to wait for us to send you a Teleport:


After you click Yes, you will be able to follow us in the virtual world! 🙂


Hope you can join our virtual meeting next month!

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