Textures in Second Life Viewer 2—Shared Media

I really enjoy what we can do with shared media texture in SL viewer 2, today I am going to share some of my experiences about the shared media!

(By using the Shared Media, you can freely display more than 1 Video in one parcel directly from the internet! And you don’t need to set up any landowner’s permission! )


In Viewer 2 texture, “Select Face” become more important than in viewer 1.

When you first click on “Select Face,” all the faces are selected; therefore, click somewhere else and click on the face that you would like to select.

Now, you can directly show a website on this face.

In the Media section, click on the + the media settings window will pop up.


Now, type in (or past) the web address that you would like to show, and click “Apply.”


You will see your website is shown on the face now!


Under the “Customize” tab, you can do several settings for this web page.

Under “Security” tab, shows a even smarter control of this page!


OK, after this, what else can you do?

Can you make multiple web pages in one object?

Of course! 🙂

Just select another face and do the same setting!


See, how easy it is!

It is suggested that to select “Full bright” when you are showing the website.

Otherwise it will be hard for visitors to see in the midnight.



Can you change color of the object?

Yes! of course you can!

The website color will change with the color!


However, if you change the texture, there will no have any changes on your website.


Maybe you will think, can you make the inside of box (the hollow part) different pages?

No, in SL, the hollow part is one face, can only show one page.

However, after you done some alignment, it can be cool too!


Every cut face, is one face, therefore, it can show one page as well!



So, from now on, you can also directly show your Your music, Tube video, and everything you can see on the web in Second Life!


For me, I think it is a GREAT tool for distance learning!

If educators can incorporate BlackBoard (BB) into Second Life, when students are using text based BB in the virtual world, it will be a more interactive and fun class distance learning class! If you use a free webstream  website to show your and students’ video cam from the shared media, SL can also work like Adobe Connect!




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