Call for Papers: Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art

The mission of Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art is to provide a forum for engaging the complex, rich and multifaceted process of learning and teaching art. Published three times a year and peer reviewed, the print-based journal will launch its first publication in 2011. The journal highlights the process of creating art, teaching as an art form, engaging art submissions, scholarship in teaching artistry, and the rich traditions of art making and teaching. The call for papers is open to anyone concerned with issues related to learning and teaching art.

The journal seeks a serious yet experimental approach to publication that values the myriad of visual art processes in contemporary culture. Readable to the outsider yet encouraging and challenging to the experienced artist-teacher, the journal will fill a niche in art and art education with a breadth and enthusiasm missing in contemporary art and art education journals.

The journal seeks articles, reflections on artwork, interviews, original artwork and book/exhibition reviews that address one or more of the following themes:

*Art appreciation

*Learning and teaching in museums

*Teaching artistry

*The role of creativity in learning and teaching

*History of art education

*Art-based research

*Teaching art in primary school to higher education and beyond

*The relationship between art making and teaching

*Art addressing teaching and learning

*Philosophy of teaching and learning art

*Aesthetic education

*Design education

*Learning from art

*The voice of artist-teachers

*Teaching art outside school walls

*Analysis of teaching and learning art experiences

Contribution Details:

Full articles should be between 3,000 to 5,000 words long. Interviews, reflections on art works and engaging art submissions are expected to be between 1,000 and 3,000 words and do not have to be extensively referenced. Reviews of exhibitions, books, and conferences are to be up to 1,000 words and should include a brief description of the event/text. All submissions will be blind refereed.

Submissions should be sent via email in Word format and include an author biography (including affiliation/position/not to exceed 80 words), an abstract (concentrating on the significant findings/not to exceed 150 words) and contact information (email/mailing address). All submissions should be in English and adhere to the Intellect Style Guide (,name=journalstyleguide/). Correspondence should be directed to the editor, G. James Daichendt

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