Kristy’s VWBPE presentation

Thoughts after presentation…

Thanks for my great audiences! you made the presentation so fun! Thank you!

I feel, present in Second Life need to be more skillful than in RL presentation.

Because people cannot see my facial expression, and I am an ESL person, I used "speakeasy” to help people understand what I said.

Therefore, I need to change slides, click on “speakeasy,” and make my avatar face to camera without using a poseball all at the same time. I was so busy! 😀

I also prepared some time for solving technical problems. However, everything seems went well. So, my presentation looks pretty short though…

There are so many things need to learn in SL about doing this kind of presentation. This was my first time, it is not perfect, but I know how can I improve it in the future now! 🙂


My life in Second Life is divides into 3 parts:

1. My dissertation research.

2. This wonderful group InAEA. and

3. the tech support in the Art Cafe.


For many people who know me, InAEA is the most active part of my Second Life. And many people see me always supporting in Art Cafe events. However, not many people know about my research in Second Life.

The presentation below is about my research in Second Life that I presented in the VWBPE 2010 conference on SATURDAY MARCH 13, 2010 at 7:00am SL time (7AM PDT, 8AM MDT, 9 AM CDT, 10 AM EDT)


I am still refining my dissertation.

If you have any thought, comment, or suggestion about this presentation that you would like to share with me, please leave your comment below, or from the “Contact” to contact with me. :) 


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