Second Life Building Tips — 8, making Sculpty for Second Life

The longer I stay in Second Life, the fewer satisfaction I got from building in Second Life with those default prims.  Default prims can easily modify, cut, rotate; however, the quality of those prims are just not looking so cool. (That’s why sometimes I really want to buy something even though I can make it in Second Life.) These days, finally, I find a really easy to use FREE 3D software and it is also compatible with Second Life. (In other words, it can save the 3D prims as image file.) The software is called: Wings 3D.

You can download free Wings 3D from here, if you want to use this 3D software for Second Life, you will need to download and install the plug-in.

Install the Wings 3D first, and install the plug-in, as the steps below:

1. Open your Wings 3D, under File, you will find “Install Plug-In,” click it.

2.  Choose the file “wpc_sculpty.beam” from the plug-in you downloaded and unziped.

3. And, it will be done. 🙂

4. Now, you can see export as “Second Life Sculpty” under file!

5. Use the Wins file in the plug in to create Second Life sculpty. (If the sculpty is biger than 64×63, it will not be able to upload to Second Life.)

6.Make the sculpty, and “Export” it as a “Second Life Sculpty.”

7. Now you can see the file have been saved as a .bmp file, and you will be able to upload it in Second Life.

8. Open you Second Life, upload this image.

9. Choose sculpted prim to preview.

10. You can see it in SL now! 🙂

11. Now, create an object, and change the Block Type as “Sculpted”

12. Change the Schlpted texture as the texture you just uploaded.

Now you can change the size, position and rotate the sculpty you made! 🙂



Wins 3D official website:

Wins 3D Second Life plug-in download:

Wins 3D manual:

Wins 3D YouTube tutorial:

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