Before I start, I want to declare that this is not a brand or a product commercial.


When I first saw this video, I was shocked. There are too many processes that a woman need to go through in order to be shown on a billboard. Make up, air brushes, even change the size of eyes and the length of neck. Is the woman on the billboard really looks “better” than the woman without makeup?

Girls need to know, what we can see in our visual culture world, it is not really “Real,” but with many “modifications.”







When I saw the video below, I almost cried, it just like my voice from my childhood.

When I was a kid because of my small eyes, strong and healthy body, and very round face I never been a pretty girl. In the culture that I grown up, pretty girls should have big round eyes, tiny face, and very skinny body. Fortunately, my family has always been supportive. They told me that I do not need to care about my appearance, but to cultivate my inner self is more important than how I look.


I believe the beauty of a woman or a girl, is not directly from her face or body structure, but from their inner temperament and confidence. I was a ugly duckling, I am not a swan now, but I am a confident dock that I can fly far and high.


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