InAEA News Update — 2009

Dear InAEA members and friends,

Wish all of you are having a wonderful holiday season.

InAEA is pretty active in the year 2009, there are total 104 articles posted in InAEA website, we have Second Life Group with 83 members, there are 17 members in InAEA website, 13 members in InAEA Google group, and we finally have our Facebook with 66 members.

InAEA now have formal Constitution and Statement, in other words, InAEA is more and more legitimate now.

InAEA have visitors from 124 countries. In the year 2009, the top 15 countries of InAEA visitors are as below.


United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Canada
4 Germany
5 Portugal
6 Japan
7 India
8 Korea, Republic of
9 Australia
10 Sweden
11 Netherlands
12 France
13 Singapore
14 Spain
15 Taiwan

If you enjoy visiting this website please don’t hesitate to be a member of InAEA.

If you are doing or you are going to do an international art project, please let us know, we will post it on the website.

If you want to share the visual culture you are interested in on the website, please join InAEA and write posts with us.

InAEA is the bridge for all art educators around the world, wish we can hear from you soon~ 🙂


Happy New Year! 🙂

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