2009 Taiteiden yö—Night of the Arts

(This short video was modified from the original video below.)

The annual Night of the Arts is held in the middle of the Helsinki Festival. On this night, museums, galleries, libraries and bookshops are open until late, and all sorts of exhibitions and performances take place all over the city until the wee hours. Dance, theater and musical performances are staged at various locations, many of them not usually used for those purposes, and choirs tour the city, stopping at bars and restaurants to sing. The Night of the Arts has partly transformed into a great end-of-the-summer party, occasionally qualifying for the name of ‘Little May Day’, with accompanying alcoholic consumption. This does not, however, take away from the cultural content of the event. People eat, drink and party until morning, and at the same time visit exhibitions and see performances, some of them uniquely arranged for this one night of the year…. From wcities

I am always amazed by North Europe’s art, sculptures, and events. I have been to Helsinki once, saw their art, performance, felt the air, and tasted their food. It was too different from what I was used to have; therefore, I started to feel the beauty of their culture after I left.

These days, this video remind me of Helsinki’s visual culture again. It is really pretty, creative, and  elegant. Have a look, I believe you will like it too.





Night of the arts official website

Night of the arts official website in English

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