Call for submissions: Claiming Creativity—Art education in cultural transition symposium

Art, Culture & Social Change

Performing (or Proscribing) Social Justice in the Academy
Can the aesthetic of social justice be codified into curricular structures? How can ethical and formal values be “taught” in higher education without ideological didacticism? How have academic institutions traditionally succeeded or failed in interacting with community partners to the satisfaction of all parties? This workshop will look at these issues through brief case studies in existing and emerging programs, and interactive discussion. Curricular overviews and course descriptions will be available to participants on this page in advance.

Games for Change
The increasing ubiquity of games as a form of communication as well as entertainment invites the invention of new forms and purposes. In this hands-on workshop, you will become familiar with and create games and 3D virtual worlds that have direct relevance to everyday experiences, character roles, and relationships. Using drag and drop programming tools, participants will create animated stories, avatars, and game environments about social, global, and gender-based issues with the goal of fostering interactive social change.


Can we change without creativity? Do we need change? Can art change lives? Can creativity create jobs? Is art political? Is creativity political? Can art provoke a critical view of the world? What will the role for art and artists be in our future societies? Should artists teach? Does creativity solve problems? Can artists solve problems? – from Claiming Creativity

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