Sandrine’s Research in Second Life

Finally, I start my dissertation research in Second Life on Oct. 6th. Beside advisor, I also consulted with professors from educational research department, and statistic department. Thanks for everyone who helped me during the  preparation time.

  • I use SurveyMonkey as my survey tool. My survey consent form and the survey actually are two different survey; therefore, these two data will be separate. (As in the article I wrote before.)
  • For my surveyees’ computer and internet security, my survey account is professional. Even though it is little bit more expensive, but I do care about my surveyees’ privacy.

I know the survey is long. I am really appreciate those people who finish the survey. I understand some people really spend long time on it. THANK YOU!!! Thanks all of you, who tried to finish, and who really finish. I am learning during this process, from all the responds I got. Thanks.


I will write more about research in Second Life after the survey finished.  Stay tune! 🙂


ps. The survey is not finish yet, I will open the survey for 1 month. It will end on Nov. 6th.

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