LAVATORY – LOVESTORY by Konstantin Bronzit

Konstantin Eduardovich Bronzit is an award-winning Russian animator and animation film director. He is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Repin Institute of Fine Art in 1983. He worked as an artist-animator at the animated film studio Lennauchfilm (Studio of Popular Science Films), which created educational animations. It was there that he completed his first film, Merry-Go-Round or The Round-About (Карусель, Karusel), in 1988.—From Wikipedia

Konstantin Bronzit’s Switchcraft won Grand Prix at Annecy Film Festival in France at 1995.


This file is one of the 2009 Oscar short file (animated) nominations; pretty long, but very delicate and full of humor. If we compare this film with the Usavich, which is Japanese made Russian style animation, we can understand there is very few similarity between these two. The global culture is mixing, which country made what cultural style film might become more interesting than where the author come from.


The Lavatory-Lovestory is almost only black and white, but it does make other colors become very important. This file without fancy color, amazing 3D, but, the story gradually and smoothly spread out. I enjoy this kind of simple animation very much, hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

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