InAEA September 2009 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Liliann Ling, and Kristy Handrick

Announcement:: IVLA (International Visual Literacy Association) 2009 conference is at Chicago, October 6th to 9th. The main theme of this year is: Critically Engaging the 21st Century Learner in Visual Worlds and Virtual Environments. For more information, please have a look at the conference website at

Discussion: We were chatting about the SLCC convention I had been to. Please see the related article.


Sculpture in sculpties by Ub Yifu-Custom work- Picasso-Dali-Wax-Angels-LOTR-abstract-fantasy-sculptures-sculpty-sculpted-VIP-gift-art-arts-creation-avatar-avatars sexy-celebrities-grafiti-statues-museum-escultura-statue-sculptor freebies

Next meeting time: October 5th 2009 (Mon.), 6:00 pm PDT (SL time). Wish you can join us! 🙂

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