Face Paintings by James Kuhn




A man of many faces, artist James Kuhn creates some of the most incredible and bizarre masks ever seen. The eccentric face painter calls his creations “self-portraits” because he uses his own face as the canvas for his artwork.  (as cited in World Most Incredible Face Painting)

As we can see in the video, there are some faces not only on the face but also on neck and chest, even some of them is upside down. This face painting idea is really thinking Outside the Box! James make his 3D face into 2D motion faces.


After I saw this video, it really makes me think, if art education keep teaching students the same thing, how can students really think outside the box? How can we give students enough freedom to explore and try different ideas, skills, and materials? Are we brave enough to encourage students to do something different, outside the box? I think creativity is not something can be “taught”, but something can be fostered. We will never know what will our students do in the future; with creativity, our students might be able the one who create a new field of art or a new business. 


What do you think? 🙂



James Kuhn’s website: http://www.bibleartwork.com/

James Kuhn’s Gallery: http://www.myspace.com/jameskuhngallery

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