Second Life Building Tips—7, Textures—2 Light

Last time when I talked about textures, I did mentioned something about “full bright” and “glow.” Today, I am going to talk about “Light.”

It is not under the texture tab, but under the “Features” tab. (I will use 2 objects without texture, it will make the light more clear.)


This is the “features” tab, we can find “light” section here.


When we check the box, the light will show as default light.

(I make the environment setting into midnight in order to see the light easily.)

Because it is “light,” the original object will not show any difference, but the object next to it can clearly understand the difference because of the light.


I can also change the light color.

(All the light setting will only be understood when the environment is at night.)


The intensity influence how strong the light will be.


Radius controls the range of the light influence.

Falloff influence the light soften or stronger.


When I use 2 lights with different color very close together, we can see they influence each other and other objects.


When I make the light objects transparent, the lights still can influence other objects!


I believe you got the idea! 🙂 Try it, light is fun!

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