Second Life Building Tips—6, Textures—1 the Basics

Textures in SL for me is like the soul of objects. If you are a newbie builder with perfect texture, your creations will look good no matter what. If you are an advanced builder with perfect texture, your creation will be great. How textures looks also related with the  viewer’s computer capability and SL graphic setting. Today I will only introduce some basic tips about Textures. 


When we made an object, open the texture tab, we can click on the texture and color and change the whole object’s color or texture.

The “color” here can change the texture’s color. For example, I choose a blue and white color texture, and I use yellow, we can see the blue part become green, and the white part turns yellow.

If you only want to change one side of texture, you need to open your inventory and DRAG the texture you want to change and put on the side you want. And you will see your “texture” box shows “Multiple” now.

If you cut your object, and your object have more phases, you can drop different textures from inventory on each phase! It is really fun! 🙂

If you use a transparent texture, your object will not be able to be clicked. (If you would like people to click it)Therefore, you can just change the transparency from here. 

If you click on “Full Bright,” the color or texture of this object will not be changed by the environment. (For example these two are all at the noon time setting. However, the full bright one is keep WHITE.)

The “Glow”, will make your object more noticeable, even when it is transparent.

I like to play with the “Shininess.” It makes object looks like metal.

The Bumpiness is fun too. It give object some basic textures without use any real texture.

NOTE, if viewers’ SL graphic setting is low, or didn’t check any Shaders, they will not be able to see the Shininess or and the Bumpiness.  

Stretch textures is the texture default setting.When you un-click it, textures will automatically repeat.

You can also play with those numbers, you will see the texture can goes different direction, repeat vertically or horizontally.


Play with textures! It will makes you looks like a perfectional builder!  Next time I will introduce some more advanced texture skills. Stay tune! 😉

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