The Florence Appeal

Dear all,

I got an email from InSEA. Which is about “The Florence Appeal.” Please see below for more information.


Dear InSEA members
Please read the attached document entitled “The Florence Appeal” in which many art historians across the European Union are advocating for a mandatory art history course in their schools.  Although I have written a letter of support you too may wish to write your own letter of support, particularly if you are connected with another national or international art education community.  I am certain they would be very supportive.
If you wish to write, please contact:
Prof. Irene Baldriga, Ph.D.
Direttivo Anisa
Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Storia dell’Arte
Roma (Italy)
Tel./Fax ++39 06 7025730
Cell. ++39 347 3624999
I am attaching The Florence Appeal in English, French and Italian.  I am told that other European translations will soon be, or already are, available.  Please check their website for more information.
Many thanks for considering this request.
With best wishes
Rita L. Irwin
InSEA President

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