Art Cafe upcoming event

Dear all, I got an email from Art Cafe team, it is about the art cafe upcoming event. Please see below for more information

Hi there,


You are invited to attend Art Café’s upcoming event “Visual Culture and
Gender” presented by Debbie Smith-Shank in Second Life at 9pm CDT on 5/29
(Friday). It is free and you will meet people from different countries.


After becoming a resident in Second Life, creating your own avatar, and

downloading the Second Life browser (at, please sign
up by filling out a brief survey in order to complete your registration at .


The visitor guide and the specific location @ Art Café in Second Life will
be sent to you after you complete the registration!
We are looking forward to seeing you at Art Café in Second Life soon!


Dr. Lilly Lu and Art Café Team
Division of Art Education
Northern Illinois University

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