Ballet—Visual culture as well

When I was thinking about visual culture, I remember dancing, but totally forget ballet! Maybe ballet is not in most of people’s daily life, but ballet, with movement, music, costume, make up, and theater design, is one kind of a very visually enjoyable visual culture.

I practiced ballet when I was a kid for six years. This morning when I turn on TV, and see the ballet—Romeo and Juliet, all memories come back. Each jump, turn, and eye contact are all important for a good ballet show. Have a look of this video, and use visual culture perspective, I believe you will have a new impression of ballet. Wish you enjoy it! 🙂

It’s from Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the ballet was choreographed and directed by Dinko Bogdanic (Dec 2002).
Edina Plicanic (Juliet)
Jas Otrin (Romeo)
Mihaela Devald(Countess Capuleti)
Svebor Secak (Tebaldo) et al.

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