Before you start to do your research in Second Life … 4 General knowledge

Kristy in AM Radio’s art.

1. Know your computer. What kind of computer you are using, what kind of graphic card, and what kind of graphic environment you can get are really important for this research. When you think it is better to have a newer computer for doing research in Second Life, do not think you are a researcher, think you are a gamer, and buy a really good gamers’ computer. Technology improves too fast; if you have a really good computer now, it will still be a useable computer for your research after two years.

2. When sending out the survey or interview information should not send it out from “Group chat” directly, but communicate with the group owner and ask for help to send out the “group notice.”

3. If you want to put the survey or interview information on other people’s places, be sure to ask the land owner for permission first.

4. If you are going to give L$ as an award for taking the interview or survey, do not mention the money first because people will think this information is a spam.


These 4 points are very basic. But they are also very important. These are the lessons I learned from my pilot study till today.  To do research in Second Life seems easy, but there are some details really need to be careful. I will have more about to do observation, survey, and interview in SL tips coming up in the near future. Stay tune. 🙂

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