Before you start to do your research in Second Life… 2 Follow news related with Second Life

I always believe that knowledge is build up by everyone’s collaboration. For me, knowledge will be meaningless if we hide them.That’s why, I try to share what I know with everyone who has the same interests with me.

OK, Today I am going to share how I follow news which related with Second Life.

1. Second Life Blogs : Second Life Blogs is SL official blogs. All writers are Linden Lab staffs. There are many news updates. You can subscribe their RSS of different channels. (I subscribed “Feature” before, and found out that is not enough for me because I want to know more about SL. Therefore, now I subscribe “All Blogs RSS Feed”)


2. Google Alerts : This is very useful for me. Google find all newly updated information and send to my email or RSS, or both. Before my search term was second life, and it is not clear enough for Google. Now my search term is “Second Life” and it is great. All the information comes to me is directly related with Second Life.


Second Life is a ongoing project, I think researchers might want to know more updated information about it. Try the Second Life blogs and Google Alerts, you will see what they can give to you! 😉

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