InAEA Website news update

Dear all InAEA visitors:

Thank you for your support of InAEA website. Since Oct. 2008, we have more than 2500 visitors come from around the world. The top 5 countries of InAEA visitors are the US, Turkey, Taiwan, UK, and Portugal.

I am really appreciate those visitors who subscribe our feeds and newsletters. Because of your interests, I am trying harder to find more global visual cultures and working harder on the Second Life building tips and researches.


Here are some news about InAEA website:

1. Google Group. We are trying to use Google Group instead of the discussion board now (also as our listserv). So, if you register in our discussion board, maybe you would also like to register in our Google Group too. 

2. Membership. Membership of InAEA website is totally free. If you are a member, you can post article in InAEA website, you will have your personal page and you can show your Flickr images in our gallery. We will try our best to achieve what you want in your personal page.

3. Google Translation. We add a Google translation in our website now. Hopefully it can help people who use different language to read our website.

4. About comment. All articles in our website can be comment by everyone without registration. If you have more knowledge or information about all articles, please add your comment!

5. Newsletter. If you would like to see all new articles post in the website, you may subscribe our newsletter. If you would like to unsubscribe the newsletter, just simply type in your email in the newsletter subscription place at the home page, you will be unsubscribed.

6. Contact us! Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern, question, comment, suggestion about the content or the website, or you just want to chat! We will try to reply your mail in 24 hours. 


We are trying our best to make this website. Please tell us what you think and come back to see us sometime. InAEA will become a better group because of you!


Again, thank you for your visiting!


Sandrine Han

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