L’homme 100 têtes – 100 and one faces


L’homme 100 têtes from Julien Lassort on Vimeo.


Playing off the theme of a recent video contest, « Transformation : Live and React », Julien Lassort and Matthieu Burlot (France) explored the human face, the most exposed and personal part of the human body. Their dynamic portrayal of 1000 and one faces is a mosaic of portraits and emotions that plays off of the power of faces seen close up. Julien Fargo composed the melody that encapsulates the film. (From Julien Lassort)

When I first look at these faces, I don’t really have very strong feeling about it. At that time I think this is just a very well done video combines traditional and newer technologies (very useful for art education purpose). However, these faces are not only about faces combine different racial, different facial expression, and different feelings.  The face start from a baby goes to teenager, adult, and finally get old. What this video wants to tell us I think is not only about their technique, nor different faces, I think this video wants to give us a chance to think about who we are, “how” we are, and where we are going.

Wish you enjoy this video as I do.

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