Second Life building tips — 3 Basic visual environment setting for building

Before I start about the tips, I would like to let everyone know about my gaming and 3D software history: I never really play any 3D game before SL, and I never use any 3D software before. My point is, if I can be as a builder in SL, I believe every can! 🙂

What I am going to write about is what I think this is very important for SL builders. These are very tiny things, but it make hug different for me.


    Ctrl+Alt+D=Advanced menu
    . After you open the advanced menu, check the “Disable Camera Constraints.” After that, you can move your camera as far as you want!
    focus on something far from you, press “Alt + mouse left” key, and move your mouse, you can see something FAR away from you.
    when you are building, select “Edit” tool, you will see an “Options.” Click on the “Options” will open another window ”Grid Options.” Check “Enable Sub-Unit Snapping” and “Show cross sections.” Now, when you build, you will see lines tell you where is the object locate. It is really useful in the 3D environment!





If you have any question about SL building, you can also ask me, I will try my best to answer you~ 😉

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