Second Life building tips — 2, Mini Avatar !

It is fun for me to make mini avatars. It is not difficult at all, just some tricks. And, I am going to reveal those tricks today! 🙂

If you want to make a mini avatar, you need to have a “Body Crasher.” You can get a free body crasher at (If you don’t want to make a mini avatar, you don’t need to use this attachment, just follow other steps below.)

It will be easier just modify the avatars I made. You can just take any one of the free avatar, and detach all other body parts.

1. Detach everything on you.(Right click on your avatar, choose “Take Off,” and choose “Detach All”)

2. Wear the body crasher. (Right click on the “tiny-zig Body Crusher” in your inventory, and choose “Wear.”)

3. It will be better if you change your body shape as small as possible.  (Don’t be afraid about the strange shape now, you will be totally different later! ;))


4. Now, you can start to build some body parts for your avatar. (It will be easier if you make a whole avatar before you attach them on you. Otherwise, the proportion will be hard to control.)

5. Before you attach body parts, don’t forget link (“ctrl + L”) all details together.


6. Now, you can start to attach each body part to your avatar. (Right click on the part you made, select “More,” and you will see “Attach,” select which part you would like the object be. )

7. After you attach, you may need to adjust the position or angel.


8. After attach all body parts, you need to make an outfit in order to save this avatar. (Right click on your name tag, select “Appearance” at the bottom part select “Make outfit.” Check ALL check box you can, and give this outfit a name.)


When you done with the outfit, you will see this avatar in your inventory, and you can use it  just by one click (Right click on the avatar folder, and right click, choose “Replace outfit.”)! 🙂


If you have any question about make an avatar, you can just send me ( Kristy Handrick ) IM in SL!

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