InAEA 2009 March Meeting Minutes


Member present: Marylou Goldrosen, Liliann Ling, Nord Bristol, and Kristy Handrick

1. We have our Google group now! Google group can be as our listserv. Therefore, if you would like to know the more updated information about InAEA or art education, you are very welcome to join us! You can also subscribe this group from our website.
2. InAEA website’s membership is opened! If you would like to contribute some visual culture you are interested in and want to share it with everyone, please be a member of InAEA website!
3. I rebuild this meeting place yesterday. I want to make the first floor as more formal meeting place, the second floor as a gallery, the third place as a casual gathering place, and the sky floor will be as our garden! All these floors are still under construction. But, all members are welcome to use these places for set as home or have your show!

Discussion: call for research practices in Cyberland (Thanks for Dr. Marylou Goldrosen provide this discussion topic and lead discussion)
These studies start small–pilot studies, with prequestionnaire and postquestionnaires. Part of the problem of research is time—everyone is so busy.
You can sit in the Nonprofit meetings on every Friday mornings around 8-10:00 SL time. Someone is documenting them now and interviewing them. You can catch the posted meetings at the ampitheater their at Nonprofit COmmons
Ongoing ethnographic, Liliann Ling’s article is presented here:
The recenlty come out issue jorunal of virtual world research has an article also use autoethnography (

In the future, if the meeting have less than five people, we will just have a free chatting instead of topic discussion.

Field trip: 332 Gallery This gallery displays Liliann Ling’s students’ art works. All their art combine both Photoshop and SL building skills. Welcome everyone to visit and leave comment for students. 🙂

Next meeting time: April 6th 2009 (Mon.), 6:00 pm PST (SL time), see you then!

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