La Maison en Petits Cubes—Kunio Kato 加藤久仁生




This is Oscar Best Animated Short Film. The story is a bout A grandpa who lived in the house has been constantly building houses on top, as the water level rises.

It is made by a Japanese artist: Kunio Kato 加藤久仁生. This film is Kunio Kato’s first Academy Award nomination, and he got the award.


Kunio Kato 加藤久仁生 official website
Kunio Kato’s personal story from Oscar official website.

All Animation of Kunio Kato from Youtube


When I first saw this animation, I didn’t think it is created by a Japanese. For me, the style of the illustration is more like European style. Compare all Japanese visual culture I introduced in this website (such as Stain in the Junk Street, ゴン (GON), and Usavich), I think the stereotype of Japanese visual culture in my mind is changing and fading.

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