Second Life building tips — 1


There are many people ask me about how to build in Second Life. I would love to share my experience with everyone. Therefore, I think I should start a new category about how to build in Second Life.

First, I would like to share how I learn about building in SL. 



1. Torley from YouTube (This is my main building resources.Torley is from Linden Lab. Everything about building is official and useful!)

2. Second Life Knowledge Base (This is official SL website. Very well organized. Not only about building, but also include information about SL limitations or important updates.)

3. Google (Yes, Google! When I can’t solve my SL problem, just type them in Google, most of the time I can find a way to solve my problem!)

4. Script me! (I love this website! It helps me to create a script I need. Very easy, and useful!)

Tips for basic building:

1. Link 2 or more than 2 object together: “Ctrl+L” [Select all objects (hold “shift” and click on the objects you want) and click “ctrl” and “L”. Objects will connect together.]


2. Un-Link objects: “Ctrl+Shift+L” [select linked objects, and click “ctrl,” “shift,”and “L”.

NOTE: if you are going to unlink a complicated object, please take a copy of the object first. Sometimes it is hard to link them together again. or even it will be hard to select all of them.]


3. Take copy: If you are a owner of the object and you have the right to take copy of the object, or you create an object, you may take copy of it. “Right click” on the object, select “More,” and you will see “Take copy” [It is safe to take copy of the object you made. If you made changes about the object but you don’t like it, there is the copy in your inventory! (However, too many copies without well organized inventory will make some problems too.) ]


Three tips for today! I will share more tips about how to build in SL next time! 🙂

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