InAEA 2009 February Meeting Minutes

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Member present: Marylou Goldrosen, Liliann Ling, Nord Bristol, and Kristy Handrick


  1. Our InAEA website is newly updated.
  2. I am trying to gather different visual culture from around the world. I hope in the future this website can be a visual culture bank. By viewing the website we can have more understanding about different cultures.
  3. Now, you can also be a member of our website! It is simple and easy to do, you only need to click or click on “Join Us” in the website. You will have a personal page on InAEA website where you can let people know who you are. You can post articles; introduce the visual culture you think which is great and need to let the whole world know about it. You will be able to show you or your students’ art on InAEA website in the near future. (We are still working on this part.) There is no membership fee. You only need to choose a name, and provide a valid email address. We will send you a letter which includes the temporary password. You can log in InAEA by then, and start to enjoy be a member of InAEA!

Suggestion: Listserv of InAEA

Solution: In the future we could have our listserv from InAEA website members, you can subscribe or unsubscribe it from the website. However, most of our members are from SL, in SL. Therefore, our group notice can be the listserv for now! Everyone from InAEA can send group message, the group message works just like listserv! So, everyone is welcome to use the group notice! 🙂


Discussion Topic: What should we include in the art teacher training program?

Because almost every first year art teacher has to face many problems that they might never imagine before. Therefore, when we are helping future teachers prepare for their future job, what should we let them to know before they become a real teacher?

1. How to ask questions: What questions are important–who, where, when , what, why, how–like in art history.  2. Class management–get students to do it–the leaders help. 3. communicate with parents. 4. Classroom safety. 5. lesson planning, 6. Methods of assessment, 7. Real work load after become a teacher (ex: meetings, extra projects…). 8. How to communicate, motivate students—start with their interests. 9.Child (adolescence) development . 10. How to write a proposal for grant…


Field trip:

NMC Arts Lab

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