What Is InAEA


Art Education in Second Life!

InAEA—International Art Education Association is an online group located in the virtual world of Second Life for all art educators around the world to communicate. InAEA in Second Life not only have a meeting place, but also have a free gallery and avatars for all art educators to use!

InAEA in SL is an environment for art educators around the world to have synchronize communication. There is a regular meeting time for art educators at InAEA meeting place. Every month the first Saturday are our meeting days. It will be hold on 8 am PDT/PST (SL time). Our agenda includes announcement, issues discussion, and field trip. You are welcome to contribute announcement, discussion topics, and field trip locations. InAEA SLurl

InAEA on the web not only have a web page but also have a FaceBook Group for art educators around the world to have asynchronize communication.

You can also find InAEA in http://arted20.ning.com/group/inaea

InAEA is a place for people who love art, education, and art education. You are welcome to join us!

InAEA Constitution

InAEA Statement

About InAEA Commons in Second Life

Second Life Quick Strat Guide

Go to Second Life, download and install it in your computer.
Use your avatar and teleport to InAEA.
Try to get there before the meeting.
E-mail Sandrine or send IM to Kristy Handrick in Second Life for any help.

About InAEA meeting agenda

1. Announcement by all participants.
2. Topic discussion
3. Field trip

About this website

In this website you can find all “Articles” from the top menu. You can write your comment/responses by click on “Responses” under each article.
You may also join the discussion board by click on the top menu “discussion board” to start a discussion.
If you have a Art Education related site in Second Life and would love to share with everyone, please contact with me.
If you would like to share your art or your students’ art with people, please contact with me. Thank you~

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